Van Conversion Financial Report: Building our Bed and Dining Booth

How much did it cost to build a bed and dining area in our Ram Promaster 2500?

In a previous post, I discussed the process involved in building the bed area that converts into a booth area for eating and lounging. This post will break down the cost of adding such an area to the van.

Please note the cushions aren’t included in this post, as they were pretty complicated and need a separate post detailing the process and cost.

Material and Hardware Cost

Reducing costs

Again, it’s easy to identify a couple of places to reduce the cost of building this area. Starting with the biggest one, the pedestal was just something that makes it a little bit easier to lower and raise the table without needing to figure out where to store a stand. A cheaper solution would be to build a stand that can be removed and stored away.

Next, it’s probably easy to replace the butcher block with something cheaper. A laminate material would be lighter, cheaper, and just as effective.

Replacing those 2 items would reduce this budget by more than HALF. However, it’s all about your taste and overall budget. Kaitlin and I fell in love with some other vans while we were planning the build. With some advanced planning and saving, we were able to factor these particular items into the budget.

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