Edith: Ram Promaster High Roof Camper Van


Temperature control
Sleeping & Dining

Features of the van

2017 model
159″ wheelbase
Arctic white
3.6 L gasoline engine
3000 watt inverter

Front-wheel drive
67,000 miles
20-24 miles per gallon highway
300 Watts of solar panels
350ah deep cycle house battery

Temperature control

During the hot days, living in a van can feel more like living in an oven. Here’s how we are combating the heat while also keeping the heat in during the winter months.

1 inch Polyisocyanurate Rigid Foam Insulation (floor, walls & ceiling)
Gaps & cracks spray foam insulation
Solar powered MaxxAir fan with rain cover, remote control and thermostat
Thermometer with humidity detector
Self-installed windows for air flow
Custom made window covers
Thermal curtain partition to separate the cab from the living area
Vented Propane furnace with thermostat

Sleeping & Dining

Is it really a camper if there’s no built-in way to sleep and eat?

Dining area for 4
Rotating butcher block table
Gas powered lift
5″ foam mattress sectioned for booth seating
75″ x 60″ mattress in bed-mode
Custom, removable cushion covers

Kitchen with running water

Running water in a kitchen is a must. Including that feature in a van build only made sense to us.

Butcher block counter tops
Deep sink, faucet with flexible head
6 gallons of fresh water, 6 gallons of grey water storage
Overhead pantry
Large drawer for cookware
Built in area for small oven or microwave
Storage containers for cutlery, spices, etc
Shelving with ties for frequently accessed items
Slide-out chest refrigerator or freezer, 12V DC
12V DC electric water pump


Having the ability to go to the bathroom anywhere, anytime is a huge win for us. With the nature’s head composting toilet, there is no black tank to worry about dumping at stations.

Composting toilet
Water proof room, excellent for adding a shower and a drain
Slatted teak flooring
Retractable nautilus shower door
Cedar ceiling
LED Lighting


The camper needed to feel cozy. Tongue and groove cedar panels clad the walls and ceiling, while we have vinyl flooring that provides a tough, but beautiful interior.

Cedar planks for ceiling and walls
Lifetime warranty vinyl plank flooring
Butcher block
LED Puck lighting with dimmer switch
LED sconces for the bed area
Adequate, comfortable sleeping area for 2
12V DC power outlets
USB quick charge outlets