Van Conversion Financial Report: Building our Bathroom

How much did it cost to build a bathroom in our 2017 Ram Promaster 2500?

In the previous post I went over the materials, tools and the process we used in building our bathroom. Now I’m going to give the details about the cost associated with this portion of the project. After all, my whole intention for this blog was to document the cost for a van conversion.

At a glance, the bathroom doesn’t look like much. I think the total cost is going to be a little bit shocking for anyone not familiar with Nature’s Head toilets. So brace yourself.

Cost for materials

Table displaying the cost of prices for materials
~ indicates estimates were used. This is due to the fact the material was used during the build, but the portion used for the bathroom was very small.

Bathroom build google spreadsheet

Sales tax has not been included in this total. We picked up materials in WV and VA, so the tax rate varies per purchase. Don’t forget to take that into account when creating a budget for your own build!

Places to reduce cost

Ok, we have to talk about the Nature’s head toilet. Composting our waste appealed to us for a couple of reasons. However, this has to be one of the quickest way to cut the bathroom budget. If you are open to it, you can buy portable toilet alternatives for under $100. That one change would put the bathroom build closer to $700. An incredible difference.

The next most expensive purchase was the shower door. Honestly, this is a very sleek piece of equipment and it’s difficult to find a cheaper replacement that isn’t just a shower curtain. But a shower curtain is a real option, so that would take the total cost to build a basic wet room this size down to $400 or so.

This illustrates how a couple of decisions can alter your cost quite a bit so you can stick to your budget. I was able to provide options ranging from $400 – $1,400 with just a couple of changes.

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