Who we are

We are Todd and Kaitlin, we hail from Southern West Virginia, and we recently purchased a Ram Promaster 2500, Edith. The main goal is to convert it into something comfortable enough to live in while discovering what we can live without. Once we have everything all built out, we want to be able to travel and work from anywhere. Did I mention that we have zero experience building basically anything? This should be fun.

Todd and Kaitlin standing beside Edith (the van).
I think this picture captures us accurately.

We have taken serious inspiration from a few of the other Instagram #vanlife folks who have shown us that it’s possible to live minimalistically. Is that a word?

While our goal is not to gain lots of followers, we do hope that we can inspire others to set goals for themselves and not let anyone get in the way.

4 thoughts on “Who we are

    1. Thank you! It’s encouraging to see so many nice people in the community willing to share their experience with others.
      I’ve been reading your blog and I agree with your post about actually experiencing life for yourself instead of through Instagram feeds.

      “Life is about seeing the good in what you have and not what others have.” – very good advice!


  1. Kevin K

    Nice build. Stumbled across your page this morning about 5am. I couldn’t sleep. Thinking about our van build. Happy to see you are from WVa. As well. I’ll bookmark your page . Thanks for posting.
    Safe travels Mountaineers!


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