Van Conversion Financial Report: October 2018

October was a light month in terms of spending (and progress). While it was physically a slow month, we spent a lot of time doing research and redoing some of the work we realized we had done incorrectly. Example: adding conduit to the build. Initially we didn’t think it was necessary, but after hearing some of the risks involved with shorting, we decided it was worth the effort.

Just like in previous posts, I’ll break down the spending to represent our build as accurately as possible.

  1. Build Materials – These are the materials we are using to build our home on wheels.
  2. Interior materials – I wanted to differentiate materials here. While build materials are things we buy that are sorta boring to most, the interior materials section will be for things that you will see all the time in the home. These are the products that add a ‘finishing’ touch to the build.
  3. Miscellaneous – Taxes and stuff mostly

Build Materials

Flexible conduit (split loom) – $14.89
Great stuff gaps and cracks × 16 – $47.04
50 pc quick splice set – $4.69
Heat shrink butt connectors – $8.99
158 pc wire nut assortment – $4.89
150 pc terminal and connector set – $5.99
100′ 12 AWG wire (black) – $30.61
100′ 12 AWG wire (red) – $35.24
1″ x 4′ x 8′ GAF PolyISO energy guard × 4 – $77.00

Total – $229.34

Interior Materials

Dimmer switch – $29.95
Recessed LED (pack of 6) – $45.00
Reading lamp (pack of 2) – $19.99
Dream lighting LED panel with switch – $19.99
12v USB charging outlet – $17.89

Total – $132.82


Multi-meter – $13.99
Float charger for batteries – $9.99

Total – $23.98


Taxes – $9.81

Total – $9.81

October spending total – $395.95

For those of you keeping track – our total spending since we started converting the van into a camper: $1825.31

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