Van Conversion Financial Report: September 2018

First of all, don’t let these numbers fool you. I didn’t realize when I started recording spending that I would be writing monthly summaries so I didn’t record purchase dates of the items. My August financial report was posted Sept. 16. So this report REALLY only includes the purchases to round out the month, though spending is substantially less than last month (yay!)

I’ll break down the spending in the same categories:

  1. Tools – these are items that are being used during the build, but not necessarily part of the end product.
  2. Build materials – Items purchased that are part of the end goal of creating a residence.
  3. Miscellaneous – Taxes and stuff I can’t decide which category to use


Tarp – $6.84

Total – $6.84

Thankfully, our purchases last month for tools really covered this month as well, so this was a small area, and I think calling a tarp a tool might be a stretch. But it’s versatile, and won’t be part of the build itself.

Build Materials

Steel bolts / D-ring anchors – $14.00
Rattle Trap – $61.95
Loctite premium 10oz (x3) – $14.94
Great stuff gaps & cracks (x8) – $27.45 [Can you tell we are still working on insulation?]
Minwax Helmsman Satin Oil-based Spar Urethane Varnish (spray can) – $9.98
14 awg electrical wire (250′ – red) – $53.44
14 awg electrical wire (250′ – black) – $61.89

Total – $243.65


Sales tax for amazon, lowe’s, & walmart purchases – $8.71 Subscription (1-year) – $48.00

Total – $56.71

Grand Total – $307.20

I will post a run-down of our progress soon as well.

Van Conversion Financial Report: August 2018

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